We are a Shoah (Holocaust) Memory Center based in Santiago de Chile. We keep alive the legacy of refugees and survivors who had to escape from Europe due to Nazi persecutions and made Chile their homeland.
We develop educational resources, audiovisual and editorial material to maintain alive the legacy of the Shoah today.


August 2009: first interview in audiovisual format and since then, Memoria Viva has become a referent of the Shoah in Chile and in the world.
We preserve the memory of the survivors and refugees of the Shoah who took shelter in Chile. A milestone is the awarding of files with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is linked to the immigration of Jews between 1933 and 1945.
This was possible thanks to a grant awarded by Claims Conference in 2011.
2018: We were awarded a grant by Claims Conference to optimize our website.

2016: Book: Memoria Viva
refugee and survivor stories
of the Shoah that were housed in Chile.

Training for teachers within the Citizen and Civil Education curriculum together with the Ministry of Education of Chile and the Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos.
Currently, our job is focused on widespread diffusion and education about the Shoah through audiovisual and editorial lines of action, as well as the realization of workshops.