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Abro Memoria

Abro Memoria is a project of Memoria Viva and the Jewish Archive of Chile.

Two renowned institutions with years of experience have joined forces for an unprecedented project in Chile: generating the largest digital archive of the Shoah.

We will actively search for documents, recordings, letters and material related to the refugees and survivors of the Shoah who stayed in our country, to preserve the treasures hidden in the homes of hundreds of families.

Invitamos a los sobrevivientes y refugiados, a sus hijos (llamados 2G), nietos (3G) y a todos los miembros de la Comunidad Judía de Chile a participar en este proyecto, llenando el formulario de contacto.

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Una Voz en un Sofá

Una Voz en un Sofá

In a cozy, warm atmosphere, a conversation is created with a survivor of the Shoah that settled in Chile. The objective is to know in depth the experience, recollections and reflections that the survivor has elaborated beginning with their memories.

To this date, we have held numerous meetings, you can all review them here.

Yo te nombro

I Name You

For the first time children studying for their bar and bat mitzvah will be able to honor one of the 6 million Jews who were killed by the Nazis. We will assign you the name and story of a child who did not make it to his bar/bat mitzvah. From that moment on, you start a journey to the past, bringing it to the present with your actions and thus fulfilling the mitzvah of uplifting the soul.

You can find more information here.